Products - Printing Naturals Corks

The stamping machines for cork stoppers are equipped with electrical heating of the stamps combined with temperature control with their cooling systems.

They are suitable for marking both the body and the heads of the plugs, with production capacity up to 15,000 cap (full-stamped) and 30,000 cap (stamped body only).

A device for compensating slight natural irregularities of the cap allows for a constant and regular stamping.

The machines are equipped with power plugs or guidance counselor and can be integrated with a ring of paraffin distribution device.

Photo Catalog Model Production Typology
TSL 22 22.000 corks/h Body only
    TSL 30 30.000 corks/h Body only
TTS 15-22 15.000 corks/h head
22.000 corks/h body
Head and body
    TTS 15-30 15.000 corks/h head
30.000 corks/h body
Head and body
TTS2 - OR 15

15.000 corks/h orientated
15.000 tappi/h head

30.000 tappi/h body

Integrated Guidelines, head and body


  • Hopper plus 800 Lt
  • Lt. Hopper 1400 increased.
  • Structure on wheels
  • Side windows for inspection tested Channeler
  • Station distribution ring paraffin
  • > Discharge hopper for quick changeover